Toddler in diapers escapes from sleeping mother into streets—cops find him in front of liquor store

In a video taken of two cops escorting a diaper-clad toddler home, we see the little boy swinging and jumping, while holding hands with the two policemen. He probably had no idea that he’d gotten lost, but thanks to these officers, the little boy made it back home safe.

In the early morning, a person in his car spotted a 2-year-old toddler walking alone in front of a liquor store in Normal Heights, San Diego. The man pulled over and called the police, then waited with the boy until they arrived on the scene.

The officers spent 30 minutes walking along several streets in search of the boy’s home, but without success. By that point, they were just about ready to send the boy to a children’s center until the family could be located.

The mother had fallen asleep when the boy had taken off. She had woken up to find that he had disappeared, and anxiously, in tears, she called 9-1-1 to report her missing child. And that was how the police were able to send the adventurous boy home safe.

Although this story has a happy ending, some internet users blamed the mom for being careless.

One person wrote a comment on ABC’s Facebook page: “Another stupid parent not locking their doors, this could have had a tragic turn-out, go to the $.99 store by a freaking chain and put it on your door where he cannot reach it.”

Another person commented: “When can we please start charging these irresponsible parents with negligence instead of always trying to brush things like this off as ‘accidents’ or ‘hey, stuff will just happen’ incidents?

“These types of things do not have to happen! Parents need to use common sense to safeguard the safety and well-being of their children.”

Not everyone blamed the mom, however, as some were able to relate to the realities of raising a young child.

One netizen said: “At 2 years old I escaped because I got a chair and climbed it to unlock the chain lock that I wasn’t able to reach otherwise. Little ones are smart, they watch adults and learn. Thank goodness he’s home safe.”

Someone else added: “Kids are kids they do the craziest things you wouldn’t imagine them even doing don’t be so quick to judge.

“My 1 yr old grabs things to stack and climb he’s been doing that since he was 7 months so. Sometimes even putting a chain on the door won’t work my sons a smart baby he can open anything and figure his way thru a lot.

“Doesn’t mean the parents did anything wrong kids are so smart and find their ways.”

Watch the video below:


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