Her teen is trapped in a toddler’s body—now mom explains what happened during pregnancy

“Angus is actually one of a kind, he’s completely unique in every single way,” said Tandy Palmer. That’s because her son Angus looks and acts like a special needs toddler—but is actually 13 years old.

Tandy came out with her story on the “This Morning” show in the UK, and it left the hearts of millions of people melting with love.

Angus suffers from a chromosomal disorder that will leave him looking like a toddler for the rest of his life—though he is now a teenager, you would never know by looking, as the disorder stopped him from physically aging at the age of 3.

“It’s not just Down syndrome, there are a lot of children with ‘personal’ syndromes, and they fight a lot of challenges because people don’t recognize them,” she said.

In her interview with Rylan Clark-Neal and Sarah Green, Angus’ mother explained her daily life with her son.

She thought that her second child had a problem from when she was pregnant with him in 2004.  “He did not move at all, and I kept going to the hospital to say something is not quite right,” she said. “And his older brother was like a footballer moving inside me.”

Doctors did not find anything wrong with him, and dismissed her concerns. It wasn’t until after he was  born and failed to respond accordingly to some tests that he was taken to special care. But then he was released after a little over two weeks. The doctors were not certain anything was wrong, but they had suspicions.

After going home, the doctors took them to one of the hospitals in Manchester where they did some genetic tests on Angus. They informed Tandy about a chromosomal abnormality that they found by accident, three weeks later after doing the tests. The doctors did not find anyone with a similar condition, so they had uncertainties about the future of Angus. Since then, the teenager has been to numerous operations to help him overcome various health conditions and also takes 250 doses of medicine every week.

Angus is a happy toddler besides his condition.

He cannot talk, but he can communicate using a few hand signals known to most people around him. The boy usually sticks out his thumb and index finger when he is happy, and you can see him do that several times during the interview. He also points to the places where he wants to go although he can get around in a wheelchair.

“Angus is never going to live an independent life, he will always be dependent on me,” Tandy added. She shows the highest level of love when she looks at her son and says “we’ll sort of work it out and get along.”

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