Angry Thai Woman Threatens to Hang Her Baby to Punish Husband: Watch Viral Video

A video of an angry woman tying a black rope around her one-year-old son’s throat and threatening to hand him has gone viral. A Thai woman filmed herself hanging her son by a rope around his neck in an attempt to force her husband to pick up her call. Nareumon Jampasert is seen angrily showing her son on camera and is seen making indications at the black rope that was tied around the baby’s neck. The police had arrested the 28-year-old woman, but she was soon let go as the whole incident was termed as a ‘family disagreement. Malaysia: 6-year-old beaten mercilessly for spilling food, woman arrested after video goes viral (Video).

According to a Daily Mail report, the video of Ms Jampasert threatening her husband was posted online by a worried family member. The woman was allegedly angry with her husband for not taking her calls and decided to take drastic measures to feed her insecurities and talk to him. The woman was infuriated with her husband and decided to threaten him with the video of her one-year-old baby. Woman brutally beats up mother-in-law, caught on CCTV

The video shows the mother tying a black rope around the baby’s neck, and she is seen dispensing him for a few seconds at which point the son begins to cry out of pain. The mother then drops her child on the bed and looks into the camera as she yells out in her regional language. According to reports, the woman was yelling ‘I will kill it’ and sent this disturbing video to her husband. The Bangkok police were informed about this jarring incident and arrested the mother.

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