38-year-old man admits to killing pregnant girlfriend before driving into river

A 38-year-old man called 911 from an Arkansas lake on Sunday morning with a horrific confession.

“This is Cornell Henry and I just killed somebody,” he told dispatchers, “and I am about to kill myself.”

By the time officers responded to the scene, Henry was gone.

They later learned he had driven his car into the Mississippi River. After extracting the vehicle from the water, investigators recovered his dead body and that of his pregnant 20-year-old girlfriend Cherrkisha Jones inside the car.

It was not immediately clear how Henry died.

At a press conference Sunday, Phillips County Sheriff Neal Byrd told reporters that his detectives believe the violence followed an argument between Henry and Jones.

Byrd said the argument likely involved allegations of infidelity, saying that investigators suspect Henry accused Jones of seeing someone else. Byrd didn’t specify why investigators believe this.

Police released audio of the 911 call.

“I am at a lake right now and I am about to kill the girl I have been [expletive] with because she has been playing games,” Henry told the dispatchers.

The 911 operators attempted to talk Henry out of hurting Jones, but were told he’d already shot her several times.

“By the time they get out here it will be too late anyway,” Henry explained. “Only thing they can do is drag her body out of the river because she is already dead.”

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